FREE MARKETING? Screen-printed T-Shirts

4 Color Process, White T-Shirt | Sea Center TexasHave you ever thought about screen-printed t-shirts this way….AS WALKING BILLBOARDS? Do you look at and read t-shirts as you pass by? Of course you do!

While the actual screen-printing process and purchase of shirts costs money, think of the endless amount of free advertising you will receive by getting the logo for your company, service or product out there in front of the public. It doesn’t really matter WHO is wearing the shirt; it just matters where they are wearing and how many times they are wearing it.

Creative idea: Order some screen-printed t-shirts and GIVE them to your employees. Ask them to share pictures of all the places they wear the shirt. Maybe offer a small gift certificate to a local coffee shop or a small cash prize to the person that shares the most pictures OR the most creative place the shirts were worn.

You are painlessly creating excitement and unity within your company and around your service or product. Black T-Shirt, 1 Color Screen Print | Ben Taub HospitalHave them share their pictures on Facebook or Twitter, think of the endless possibilities of numbers of people that could being seeing your employees wearing YOUR logo/brand….and you only had to pay for the t-shirt.

Free advertising… marketing by the people that believe your brand the most. Your own employees. Think about it….Give us a call. Screen-printing on t-shirts can be as low as $5 a t-shirt……


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