Iconic T-Shirts Through the Years

What’s your idea of ICONIC t-shirts? Promotional t-shirts? Movie t-shirts? Logo t-shirts? T-Shirts worn by famous people? Everyone has a different opinion. Below are some of our favorite, PLAIN, screen printed t-shirts.

Vintage Run DMC Shirt | Iconic T-shirts

Run DMC Shirt

Needs no explanation. Run DMC. Music group from the 80’s. If you didn’t have it, you wanted it.


Nike - JUST DO IT | Iconic T-Shirts

Just Do It! – Nike

The ever popular JUST DO IT t-shirt, by Nike. Still worn today. Made famous by none other than Michael Jordan.


I love NY | Iconic T-shirt

I Love NY

When I see this t-shirt from New York City, I think of that terrible day inĀ  2001, when attacks were made on United States soil. The t-shirt was popular prior to the fall of the World Trade Centers, but so much more iconic post-attack.

So….what t-shirts are missing? We can still think of a few. Follow us on Facebook to see what our friends are submitting as their choices of ICONIC T-SHIRTS!


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